Feb 23 2015 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on New IRT PowerCure Infrared Arch installed

http://youtu.be/XDTf1jICDq4 Our new Infra-red PowerCure Arch is now fully operational. This wonderful new technology harnesses Infra-red and computer technologies to provide us with faster, more efficient paint curing times that returns your car’s paintwork to that factory finish.

Snake Tails

Oct 20 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on Snake Tails

Last week saw our Panel Techs become snake charmers and then snake catchers after a car was brought in for repair with this message written on the windscreen; “Beware of snake under bonnet”. Thankfully for the Techs  our second year apprentice, Jonathan Bowers, likes snakes so he was able to solve the problem and I am pleased to say he safely captured and removed the snake before setting it free in nearby bushland.

Sep 25 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on 30 Years of service – Thank You Marlene!!

Just need to congratulate one of longest serving family…. Marlene Gehrke who on the 14th September celebrated 30 years with the McAully Group. Any one who has ever been in here will at some stage remember Marlene as she not only looks after the Boss as his PA but she also runs the McAully Window Tint and Rustproof business. Well done Marlene and thanks for all your years of dedicated service!!


Sep 16 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on NBN

OK, so we are now fully on-line with the super fast Nitro Burning Network, or the NBN as it is known….or the National Broadband Network….. a very fast speed and so reliable…Thank you Telstra for your efficiency with the connection and Adam you did a great job with the change over from the old ADSL2.  

Sep 04 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on Planning Plus now running!!

Well we have our new 21st century Planning System www.planningplus.com.au up and running and it is a dream!!! No more paper and other 19th century technologies for us as we forge ahead with renewed vigour Thank you Gavin Paul, Rod and your team for the perseverance  and help that you have graciously provided!! … onward and upwards from here!!!  www.planningplus.com.au  

Aug 25 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on McAully Group Pty Ltd – Finalists in the 2014 Body Shop of the Year!!

The latest Australasian Panel & Paint has a nice feature on us making the list of Finalists for the 2014 Body Shop of the year Awards. http://www.paintandpanel.com.au/  

Aug 19 2014 mcaully Uncategorized Comments Off on Is our Estimating Manager moonlighting as a Gator Trapper???

Is this proof that our estimating Manager Mr John Stokes has been caught out ‘Moonlighting’ as a Gator Trapper? …..what do you all think……is it the same John Stokes? John Stokes the Gator Trapper!!!