Jun 11 2014 mcaully News, Technology Comments Off on New Fully Automatic GYSpot Welder Commissioned

Next week the McAully Group is looking forward to the full certification of our newly renovated ‘Oversize Spray Booth & Baking Oven’. This has been a long and overdue addition to our investment in innovative technologies but alas it is all but here!! This renovated booth will allow us to cater for those large Ambulances, Toyota Coaster Buses and the extra large commercial vans! It is BIG and we will post some great photos of it for you in the …

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The McAully Group are excited about the imminent arrival of our the new GYSPOT BP Inverter Fully Automatic welding system for our Smash Repair Division as a further enhancement to our evolving technology. This is a substantial investment by us in delivering to you, our valued customers, a superior finished repair! The new fully automated system will work alongside our current semi-automatic GYSPOT System providing us with the best available technology.